There is a man who goes by the name of Mutahi Ngunyi. This man was once a reputable political analyst who boggled us with his analytical skills. But he later decided to fall from grace to grass by trading a credible reputation for one hateful filled bowl of soup. Mutahi Ngunyi is known for his political hypothesis with the most infamous one being the tyranny of numbers.

While he has been one of the most respected political analysts enjoying support from both political divides, of late, he has cast aside his garments of reason and firmly taken on the fitting robes of the high priest of hate. After a sober scan of this man, I suspect that having sat down and keenly analysed his dwindling influence as a respectable analyst, he decided to craft a selfish plan to revive his cremated career albeit at the expense of the unity of Kenya. What I now agree with is this statement: Those whom the gods wish to destroy they first make mad.

Dear Mutahi Ngunyi, I have to admit that your latest tribal tirade caught me off-guard. I have always viewed you as a chap who is both intelligent and progressive. I was marvelled by your accurate analysis of the political scene, even the infamous tyranny of numbers. I used to religiously read your weekend columns and I was a bit upset when you stopped writing for the dailies.

I have to admit that you somehow influenced my bold and candid writing style and a general desire to be a different grain of a writer. You partly played a role in imparting this outlier worldview I have. But your latest merciless onslaught on a community in the guise of attacking one man has left a very bad taste in my mouth. And ordinarily, I would fold my arms and ignore such ludicrous behaviour, but because of the kind of influence you wield, it would amount to a great miscarriage of justice if I never responded to you. I always believe in the philosophy that no one should wrestle with a pig because two things will happen; both of them will get dirty, but the pig will like it.

My fear was that trying to engage you in any form of discourse would have the effect of legitimising the deficiencies of wisdom that you nowadays so frequently display. Sometimes men who are blinded by the thirst for attention exhibit extreme levels of poverty of wisdom and are therefore affirmed by our responses. Worse, still, responding to folly-mongers may drag one into the pool of odium that your like calls home.

Sometimes, silence in itself amounts to betrayal. If I hold my tongue now, I will be guilty of being your indirect accomplice.

And to anyone who has hailed or endorsed Mutahi’s divisive tweets, I will leave you with a paraphrased quote from Martin Niemoller’s poem:

First, they came for the Kamba’s, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Kamba;

Then they came for the Kikuyu’s, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Kikuyu;

Then they came for the Luhya’s, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Luyha;

Then they came for the Luo’s, and I did not speak out – because I was not a Luo;

Then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak out for me.

You have said that you will now focus on the youth, my question is this, what moral authority do you have to speak to any young person when the divisive content of your mind is open for all to see? Young people are the ones who will charge onto the battleground and slay the monster of negative ethnicity that you currently feed for nationhood to be birthed fully. I’m shocked that you are no longer content to have a monopoly over your madness, you now want to infect the minds of unsuspecting young Kenyans with your inglorious ideologies on negative and prejudicial ethnicity. You are not satisfied with the harm you have already caused…no, by no means!! You are now determined to spread your noxious ideologies to any unfortunate soul that lends you an ear.

Mutahi Ngunyi, who has bewitched you? How did you a loose grip and fall from the tallest towers of academics and knowledge for you to wallow in the pit of folly and tribal bigotry? While you claim to represent the interest (deliverance) of the Luo community in your tweets, what you are doing, in essence, is to entrench a stereotype that can be used to marginalise this community.

If your beef with Raila Odinga is ideological, why are you dragging an entire community into it? Would it then be far fetched if we put you to task to reveal who finances your tune because, as they say, he who finances the piper calls the tune? And even then, as a learned man, I thought that you would address him as an individual because as we currently speak, he is not a legally appointed representative of any constituency of Luo Nyanza. You are better placed to direct your unsolicited lectures to governors, MPs, MCAs and other legal representatives from Luo Nyanza.

Poverty is not a unique phenomenon to the people of Luo Nyanza. Your rant seems to have stemmed from a reservoir of passionate tribal hate you harbour against this community. While it is unacceptable for any person to live below a dollar a day, it is the government’s responsibility to tackle extreme poverty among its people. Why then don’t you address the current and previous regimes that have been in power but did precious little about the stinging poverty in the Republic of Kenya? (44% live below the poverty line in Kenya)

The people of Luo Nyanza have never knocked on your doors for you to help them and if a few have, they came in their capacities as individuals and in no way did they represent the interest of over 4 million people who are known as the Luo nation.

These people, whom you claim to be poverty stricken, pay taxes too. Instead of pointing your loose cannon in the direction that is legitimate i.e. the government, a coward like you can only hide behind the 140 characters of twitter to spew hate and bigotry. And your apology in itself came as a slap in the face. So you were consciously peddling unfounded allegations? I urge NCIC to urgently move and hand you over to the courts to face charges of incitement because your type is the enemies of progress in this nation.

What do you think triggered the holocaust? What do you think drove the young republic of Rwanda to a civil war that killed millions within a short period of time? Have you forgotten the ethnic cleansing that almost drove this nation to its knees in 2007-2008 and is you determined to go down history books as the one who helped escalate an already worse situation? Our neighbours, South Sudan have been involved in a tribal war for a while now and the fruits of their independence are being enjoyed by foreigners as they count in casualties who are their people, would you be satisfied when the great republic of Kenya degenerates to such lows? Why have you forsaken wisdom and rejected knowledge? Why are you trading a respectable character for that of a charlatan and a disingenuous who is available to the highest bidder?

In a nation that is battling negative ethnicity, it is extremely sad that you would join the bandwagon of those whose words have torn this nation apart. I do not understand what your motivation is, but the good people of the Republic of Kenya will not allow it to take root. We will constantly overcome your hate with love knowing that darkness doesn’t drive out darkness only light can and hate doesn’t drive out hate, only love can.

While those who are much younger than you are doing exploits for their nation, you are content being a keyboard warrior who is a tribal bigot.

How have your hateful tweets furthered Vision 2030’s goals of cohesion, unity, politics of substance and economic empowerment? How does attacking and demeaning one community help build the spirit of nationhood?

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