Dear Waiguru, your statement could not have come at a better time than this. Through it, you have exposed the content of your character and laid it bare for all to judge. I’m appalled by your insensitivity to the call of accountability from Kenyans.

Your unbridled insolence in the face of runaway corruption is shocking, to say the least. You have spat on Kenyans faces simply because they demanded accountability and answers to the questions that they have raised concerning reports of the sustained looting of public funds in your ministry.

Your statement embodies the offhand attitude that is the root of why you have been unable to ruthlessly cut the gangrene of corruption that has infected your ministry. I have carefully analysed your statement and I have the following to say:

“The last three months have witnessed incessant media attacks on my character on the issue of corruption in the Ministry of Devolution and its agencies including the NYS.”

Dear Waiguru, twisting legitimate national matters to look like personal attacks is disgusting. What you call personal attacks have been attempts by the media to ask tough questions on why your office has not done enough to tame the continued corruption that is going on under your watch. Instead of taking the time to explain to Kenyans why your office has become a breeding ground for runaway corruption, you have shot yourself in the foot by branding legitimate complaints from the 4th estate as personal attacks. No single media house that I know of has attacked your personal character, your family, investments or any other aspects of your personal life. You cannot be a public servant and be allergic to public scrutiny at the same time.

What the media in Kenya has done is to ask the tough questions that you have been evading ever since the sleaze in your ministry was unearthed. People who are clean should not brand scrutiny from the public and the media as personal attacks.

What is shocking is the deliberate refusal to recognise my role as a CS and that of officers who are either accounting officers or AIE holders in Government Departments

Before you became a public servant, you swore and affirmed faithfulness to the people and the Republic of Kenya and obedience to the Constitution. What the people of Kenya want to know is what you have done so far to end earth shattering corruption in your ministry. I expected you to outline some of the preventive measures that you have taken as a proactive leader to stem the tide of unrestrained corruption in your ministry.

You cannot pass the buck and claim to be a leader. If you have no clue how money is being lost in your ministry, then perhaps you should step aside and allow those with a better sense of awareness and responsibility to take over the ministry.

Both by law and in practice, I do not procure. I do not purchase anything for the ministry. I don’t sign or negotiate contracts.

Even though you do not purchase or procure anything in the ministry, you must be willing to bear the responsibility of the staff under your watch. There is no way you can be a leader who is clueless about what is going on in your ministry and if that is the case, then perhaps that might be the reason why your ministry is ravaged by endless fraud.

Instead of writing a statement that sounds like a justification of the corruption in your ministry, you should have perhaps spent that energy trying to come up with solutions to prevent the massive graft that is evidently plaguing your ministry.

Your lack of sorrow and failure to own up says a lot about who you are as a leader and as a public servant.

Where instances of possible malpractice have been brought to my attention I have called in investigative authorities. At no point has any investigation either by EACC, CID or any other body pointed to my personal engagement with corrupt deals. Yet the vicious unwarranted attacks continue.

This is yet another attempt to pass blame to junior officers. When your ministry succeeds, why do you always take credit but when it is facing credibility issues, you are quick to divert the blame to junior officers? Everything rises and falls on leadership.  A fish begins to rot from the head and a bad engine cannot drive a good waggon. You cannot convince Kenyans that, with all the powers you wield, it is impossible to deal with wayward and shady junior officers under your watch. By not stopping it, you become a collaborator of the looting that has been going on in your ministry.

Inviting investigative bodies to your ministry is not enough, we want a statement that contains specific steps you have taken to stop corruption. The fact that you have never been found directly culpable does not absolve you of the blame for being passive as a leader and clueless about what your subordinates are doing under your watch. You can’t choose to take credit for work done by your subordinates and at the same time refuse to be responsible for the misdeeds that they carry out unabated under your watch. Real leaders own up.

There are no vicious unwarranted attacks against you Madam CS. What Kenyans desperately want to know is why money is being stolen under your watch and why you haven’t done everything humanly possible to stop the same. If calling you to account for the mistakes that your ministry has made amounts to vicious unwarranted attacks, then may these “vicious unwarranted attacks” continue until there is no more pillaging in your ministry.

It’s amazing that whereas there are similar and more serious allegations of misuse of funds in many government departments there is never the personalised level of attack on CSs that has been directed at me. Surely this is no longer about the fight against corruption.

Are you trying to say that simply because there are instances of corruption in other state departments, nobody should point out the same in your department? Your attempt to sanitise your inaction is pathetic. Corruption anywhere is corruption everywhere. You should not try to justify it, especially as a cabinet secretary.

As a state officer and a public servant, you must be on the forefront of the fight against corruption at all times whenever and wherever it occurs. You must be willing to expose corrupt officers in your department and if possible lead the way. We cannot begin to pass the blame and act like there are sacred cows in the fight against sleaze. A radical surgery must begin with your department because as long as you are in office, the Jubilee government’s fight against corruption will remain a pipe dream.

It’s calculated evil, vindictive and ill-intentioned. It’s an unfortunate distraction from the work the Ministry has been doing in the last two years.

This statement is in itself diversionary in nature and calculated in its evil intent to distract us from the fact that you are not fighting corruption. Just because you may have done some certain portions of your job well does not mean that we should turn a blind eye to the gross negligence in the performance of the rest of your duties. You were hired to do all your duties well not just some of them.

While you rejoice in the success of the department, you do not want to own up to the mistakes. You cannot cherry pick what to blow a trumpet about and what to silence. You shout from the rooftops about the success of your ministry but turn a deaf ear when you are called upon to account for millions that have been stolen under your watch. If you are going to claim the praise for any successes, then also take up responsibility for the failures that arise because, as a leader, the buck stops with you. Stop being petty and face the leadership test that now faces you.

I will continue to serve my country diligently as I have always done for as long as I am given the trust to do so. And for the record, I have no such TV screen or piano in my office. God bless Kenya.

Your defiance and lack of remorse for the millions that have been stolen under your watch leaves a lot to be desired. Continuing to serve without fighting corruption is, in fact, no service at all. If your appointing authority does not relieve you of your duties, that will be a clear indicator of the government’s lack of commitment towards dealing with corruption.

The Jubilee government cannot assert that it is steadfast in the fight against corruption when it continues to turn a blind eye to the continued service (or disservice) of a CS who is fast gaining a reputation as being the goddess of graft and her ministry its temple.

Kazungu Kambi, Charity Ngilu, Davis Chirchir, Michael Kamau and Felix Koskei were all suspended to pave way for investigation, why do you want your case to be handled differently?

You epitomise the impunity in civil service and that of the government of the day. I want to urge the appointing authority to act swiftly and decisively to save this nation from further bleeding under your watch. Do the honourable thing and step aside to pave the way for investigations. If you are indeed clean and blameless then that is exactly what any competent and transparent investigations will reveal.

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  1. Michael Ngigi says:

    This is bold, straightforward and definitely without bias! You have raised the correct issues and I totally agree that the head is answerable to the actions of the feet. As usual great work my brother. You were born for this!

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