Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta, the prince who was born in state house seems to be tired of the house on the hill if his numerous avoidable blunders are anything to go by.

This house, which has eluded many seems to have bored the current occupant.

What do you expect from a man who crawled on the corridors of state house?

A man who was born and raised with all the strapping of power can sometimes get casual with the power itself.

When I see the head of state making grand avoidable blunders, I’m reminded of a saying that those whom the gods want to destroy, they first make mad. I feel like the gods are out to destroy the son of Gatundu. It almost feels like having gotten rid of the Achilles heel, i.e. the International Criminal Court burden which he used to catapult himself to the state house, he now seems to have grown very comfortable.

Regardless of what people say, that no incumbent has ever lost, if he continues on this path, he will lose the presidency to any other candidate who will rise against him and have the backing of the opposition; even Ole Kiyapi.

However, the following internal reasons have convinced me beyond reasonable doubt that Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta might make history in Kenya as the first one-term president:

Unfulfilled promises

The jubilee bank is filled with many bad cheques which they wrote to Kenyans on the campaign trail. They promised 5 brand new stadia, yet not even one has been delivered. They promised our children laptops but instead, they have given them tablets that look like toys.

The Jubilee regime promised to grow our economy in a double digit and that is yet to materialise. They promised to uphold the rule of law but it’s in this regime that we have seen clear attempts to gag the media, intimidate the auditor general’s office and numerous unresolved extrajudicial killings.

In this government, they promised to include young people. What we have seen is the constant appointment of octogenarians who have eaten this country since Kenyatta senior days.

Tattered economy

While the son of Gatundu inherited a healthy, vibrant economy that was built on a sound economic framework, he immediately embarked on the path of mutilating it. The Jubilee government promised a 10% economic growth. Well, that can now be considered as a forgotten promise.

The World Bank recently gave projections for Kenya’s economic growth in the financial year 2016-2017. They placed it at 5.9% yet Jubilee’s term is almost coming to an end. The World Bank also warned that our appetite for loans is not sustainable.

Debt has increased 10 fold as the citizens choke under the heavy pollution of misappropriated money. The cost of living has gone up. Kenyans are now forced to improvise to survive. Kenyans are now looking for help from the horizon but all they get are bad news.

Companies are closing left right and centre citing frustrations like graft and how hard it is to do business in Kenya. The only projects that seem to be working are the ones that were initiated during the ‘mkate nusu’ regime.

It’s only fair that we lay the blame on the head of state’s back. Because when he swore to lead this country, he was willing to steer the nation both in high seas and low seas. We must encourage a culture of responsibility.

The people who have been given the task to ensure that the nation’s economic fabric is stable are sleeping on the job and the head of state is reading bedtime stories to them as his deputy sings lullabies.


While corruption is a plague that is eating many governments, the head of state in Kenya, however, has encouraged it by not exercising the political power he holds. During the Mashujaa day celebrations, I had hope that the head of state was going to address the issue of corruption, but instead of reading the mood of the nation, he trivialised the whole issue.

A list of shame was released where the big fish were mentioned. The head of state in his usual PR style of leadership went ahead and submitted the names of these officials to Parliament. Months down the line, the rhetoric has stopped, no one has been successfully prosecuted because the war on corruption cannot be won through PR. The government must invest in getting credible evidence that can nail the culprits.

But no one epitomises the laxity of the jubilee government to deal with corruption than one the high priest of corruption. How can we encourage a culture of issuing money every weekend without accountability yet we are grappling with major scandals in the history of our nation? We haven’t seen anyone being taken to jail.

The Jubilee government is now a hotbed of scandals. If we are not talking about over 3 billion questionable expenditures at the Afya house, we are talking about an individual who was given 1.6B worth of tenders with 20 different companies under her name. We are talking about relatives being put in disadvantaged groups.

We are seeing the reemergence of KANU politics where you loot in open daylight and no one will hold you accountable.

The level of sleaze that has gripped this nation is record breaking. In the words of John Githongo, this is the most corrupt government in the history of our country. The appetite to loot has never been this high. The president recently threw in the towel in the fight against graft and reminded Kenyans that they are on their own.

Fellow Kenyans, we are on our own.

Yes men around the president

The president has managed to amass enough sycophants around him who cannot afford to tell him the truth. They would rather massage his ego with lies than slap him with the truth that can make him wake up and smell the coffee. And the scenario we are in is quite similar to the titanic story. While the captain is busy travelling the world and hosting parties left right and centre, the nation is headed towards a massive iceberg. They want him to head straight to the iceberg so that they can laugh at him and offer a solution come 2017 elections.

Dear Bwana Muigai, get rid of the loud sycophants who are deafening you with their loud nothings. These men, who shout loudest with the arrogance of 10 men can only take us off course for their own selfish interest. You have enough around you who are acting as excess baggage.

When you need to swim faster towards safety, you cannot afford to hold extra unnecessary baggage on your back that can derail you and make you sink. Do an audit of your inner circle, and cut off the people who do not add value.

Assault on the Media and the NGO world

There is no government that survives when they assault the media and the NGO combined. Your regime has witnessed some of the greatest attempts meant to gag the media. Your words that newspapers are for wrapping meat will haunt you in the 2017 elections.

The NGO community, have felt the wrath of your presidency. Whether the allegations are true or not, you cannot afford to lead an assault on these institutions and still hope that your presidency is secured.


There is enough time to turn the ship around. It’s not too late for Uhuru Kenyatta to reclaim his fading glory. Unless he doesn’t want to listen to sound advice.

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  1. thescribe2015Muturi Kiriamiti says:

    Well spoken. The only difference between the coalition government and this one is the former stole in turns since it had two groups and no one reported the other. In the latter those who are reporting are doing so for mileage and the fact that they are not able to eat the fatter meat. No one not even the opponents has an agenda for this nation

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