When Donald J Trump signed the immigration executive order, the world went berserk. Did he mean it? Probably not. Did he achieve his objectives? Absolutely yes.

Protests broke instantly like lightning right left right and centre.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyers rushed to court and filed a petition against the ‘absurd’ executive order. What they all missed was the genius political move that Mr Trump had pulled on them. Why would the president ban green card holders and people who had gone through the stringent scrutiny that the US applies before it issues a visa? How about the American citizens who initially originated from these countries and they had gone back to visit?

What the entire world missed was that Trump probably didn’t mean the executive order to be implemented. It was a ‘smoke screen’ meant to cause a state of confusion as he gave Bannon a security role traditionally reserved to generals. While people were busy opposing the travel ban, Donald Trump was making radical changes.

Bannon has been called a bigot, racist and a white supremacist who served as executive chair of Breitbart News, the platform for the alt-right’s news, opinion, and commentary website.

Yet because the world and America were busy protesting the absurd executive order, he had the time to install people who ordinarily would have been blocked from taking the oath of office. I’m not saying that protesting the travel ban order was not important, I think that people responded to the smoke screen and ignored something much more sinister.

When Uhuru Kenyatta released the dab video, he knew the reactionary nature of Kenyans. We are a golden fish memory and an ostrich nation. We forget and move on too fast. Just as he had predicted, the #Dabofshame trend broke the Internet and kept everyone busy.

A failed state

It’s official, as Kenyans, our country is headed to a failed state destination at an alarming speed.


Your government is against you.

The opposition is clueless.

The political class only sees you as a voting machine.

Every single Kenyan must now wear a sackcloth and wail. We must look for ash and apply on our faces. Because if we don’t rise up now, this country will slide deeper in the hands of the cartels, moribund leaders and a deeply divided electorate.

The irony

A nation where a ‘hairdresser’ openly admits to ferrying wads of illegally acquired money using a sack while she remains free but doctors get jailed for demanding an implementation of a CBA that was signed by the Government is a failed state.

A country where the doctor’s strike has gone on for 71 days and countless lives have been lost yet the political class is only concerned about voter registration, the tyranny of numbers and dabbing is a nation that is safely in the bins.

A country where a cabinet secretary who is accused of looting over Kshs 1 billion walks scot free and even contemplates vying for a gubernatorial seat and we cheer her on without demanding for accountability is a failed state.

In a nation where we spent millions campaigning for the African Union (AU) chair to supposedly open up business opportunities for a dynasty yet we couldn’t spare money to resolve the doctor’s strike is literally dancing with the grim reaper.

When our leaders were indicted at the International Criminal Court, personal challenges morphed into a national problem. We fought tooth and nail to have them released yet the lacklustre and apathy that has characterised the health crisis stings deep into the born marrow.

Diversionary tactic

That same day when the dab video and photos were released, the appropriation budget for the FY2017/2018 was approved by the cabinet.

In this budget, the government approved a 100 billion shillings salary increment for civil servants.

When the Jubilee administration took over power, they decried the huge wage bill especially with the implementation of the 2010 constitution with the new devolved government structure. How did they get to increase the salaries by a whopping 100 billion annually to a wage bill that is currently bloated and overwhelmed in their own words with recurrent expenditure?

Another interesting thing that happened in the appropriation budget is how much we will borrow. Take a seat and fasten a safety belt because what I’m about to reveal will shock you. In addition to the taxes that we pay, the government will plug in the budget deficit by borrowing more. We are already paying Shs 32 to debt for every 100 Bob that we receive as income.

IMF already sounded a warning to the unrestrained borrowing spree that the Jubilee administration has put us into. The window for more borrowing is rapidly growing narrower, IMF sounded the alarm. It means that we are over borrowing and soon, especially in a case of an emergency, we may have to eat grass literally.

Total borrowing as at September 2016 stood at 48% of the Gross Domestic Product. In simple words, every Kenyan, both young and old owes creditors over 79,256.

Yet we couldn’t afford a few coins to implement the doctor’s CBA. Because we’d rather launch megaprojects that have lucrative returns to tenderpreneurs.

Now the doctors will spend time in jail with rapists, murders, and all manner of vile people. Yet those slots should be a preserve of the corrupt, the ineffective leaders, the drug barons, the hate-mongers and such.

We must not allow Jubilee to normalise the political language and their overused PR gimmicks. Because if we do, soon they will make lies to sound truthful and stealing respectable. If we allow Jubilee to get away with their PR gimmicks, they will give an appearance of solidity to nothing but pure wind.

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