In the history of human existence, we have been faced with great adversities. The human race has had to deal with pandemics like war, fire, natural disasters among other tragedies that threatened our very existence. In the midst of all these challenges, the strength of the human resolve is tested to the limits.

Some men crumble like chalk and give up, completely letting defeat flood over their souls as they surrender to whatever lot fate has apportioned to them. While at the same time, some men are made in moments of adversity. The challenges they go through, act as a soul purifier; the very same thing that was meant to break them cleanses their impurities thereby making them ready to defeat their adversaries.

Our generation has been tasked to deal with the biggest threat to democracy in our nation; Jubilee’s propaganda.

The psychographic war that Jubilee has unleashed on Kenyans is unprecedented. It has never been seen in the history of our great nation. During Kanu’s time, propaganda was churned out through the controlled government media and the KANU sycophants.

This trend, of distorting the truth to favour a few, should worry every right thinking Kenyan who believes in democracy and the need for it to be sustained. So how does Jubilee play the propaganda war and they seem to be winning it?

Opinion polls

It’s no secret that different opinion poll companies serve the interests of different political camps. The problem is that the government has deeper pockets due to the availability of funds at their disposal. They are likely to ‘buy’ their way into favourable opinion polls. The convenience with which the opinion polls have been churned, especially during moments when the government seems to be in trouble leaves a lot to be desired. The questions that are asked are meant to entrench a certain narrative that some candidates will not win. Some need to step down because of their age. The general structure of the opinion polls questions seems to be directed at achieving a pre-set objective of the incumbent.

Today, allow me to address Mr Tom Wolf.

Dear Tom Wolf, you have the permission from Kenyans who are alert and not swayed by your complex but often misleading opinion polls to close shop and move to a failed country. For the last 4 years, you have been used as a broom to sweep the soot that the Jubilee regime has been spewing as they cook their nonsense in their tenderpreneur kitchens. You have been a constant figure, at the heart of Jubilee’s propaganda machinery. We know that you are a business man who is driven by profits.

In this country, there are millions of men and women who have taken the oath to strictly feed on a diet of patriotism. We will not let you prosper. At every turn, we will clarify the often exaggerated figures that you release in partnership with one of the most compromised fourth estate in the region.

Dear Wolf, give us a break from your stinking whitewashed numbers.

Doctors officials have been jailed for agitating for better working conditions but you still release flawed opinion poll results. While the poor and ordinary people have to donate their organs to fundraise for their kin who are sick for treatment in India, but according to the pollster, Kenya is like the garden of Eden. A land flowing with milk, honey and prosperity.

Kenyans are at pains to understand, that while drought which the government had constantly assured Kenyans of mitigating is now killing our people, but according to Mr Wolf, the president’s approval ratings are still high.

According to the pollster, our nation hasn’t lost a single cent; in fact, we are a prudent ‘Magufuli’ nation. While auditors have unearthed widespread unrestrained corruption that has been haemorrhaging the country but In fact, we need to be loyal to the government. We need to congregate and pay homage to the benevolent ruler who has been taking care of our country in such an awesome manner.

While people who are related to the first family get preferential treatment when tenders that are reserved for the disadvantaged in society are awarded to them, yet according to your deeply flawed opinion polls, Mr Kenyatta is still leading.

I know that he who pays the piper calls the tune, so I will assume that you are just trying to butter your bread. But for crying out loud sake, why are you diluting the blood that was shed by the freedom fighters? This country is ours. We have grown here and we know not any other home. We will fearlessly defend it from those who are trying to ruin it by distorting reality to achieve the selfish desires of ‘the most corrupt regime’ in the history of our country.

There is no amount of opinion polls that will sanitise the mess that Jubilee has turned out to be. They have pissed on our ambitions. They have released flatulence on our dreams. They have unashamedly reneged on the promises they made because they understand the divided nature of our country.

What we know for a fact is that Kenyans are angry. They are angry at the clueless dabbing head of state. They are angry at the deputy president who has mastered the art of distorting reality for his selfish agenda. Kenyans are mad because the executive leads on the onslaught on chapter 6 of the Constitution.

When the ‘war on narcotics’ was declared in Mombasa, I was shocked to see ‘suspects’ speaking at the venue. Some of the well-celebrated leaders in the executive’s ‘inner circle’ have wielded guns in morgues, abused people, and literally disregarded chapter 6 of the Constitution.

A time comes when the dignity of the nation is more important than winning elections. The sanctity of our Constitution must be defended at all costs.

Kenyans haven’t forgotten the numerous promises that the Jubilee administration promised in their manifesto but are yet to deliver. They are angry at the regime that promised a horse but delivered a limping donkey.

The convenient timing (Mostly when the government seems to be facing a major crisis) with which you release the polls stinks.

This section of your flawed opinion poll summarises why no Kenyan should pay attention to you:

“In addition to this, more than half of the people who participated in the survey believe that the country in the wrong direction, but 66% expressed confidence in President Kenyatta.”

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