I have to admit that I’m extremely scared. Scared of the unfortunate fact that this country celebrates people with characters that rarely meets the threshold of ‘above reproach.’ Our country has specialised in the art of knighting people who have no iota of decorum or a trail of character that inspires wisdom.


With that said, I must openly declare to you that I am extremely uncomfortable with Sonko’s popularity. I’m uncomfortable that some Kenyans, even in their dreams are contemplating, even discussing the possibility of installing a man who has abused a radio host on the National radio with uncouth, uncivilised and unbecoming words. As the bible says, from the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks.

I am uncomfortable with a section of Nairobians who believe that someone, who is alleged to have been sentenced to serve time at Shimo La Tewa maximum prison for theft and fraud but never finished his time under unclear circumstances now wants to lead the county which is the hub of trade, commerce and an engine of this country.

That someone, who was elected to the national assembly in 2010 and never moved a single motion as his core mandate demanded has the audacity to consider becoming the governor of this great city and we cheer him on.

I’m shocked, that even though he got the highest votes in Nairobi to clinch the senatorial seat, Gidion Mbuvi hasn’t moved a single piece of legislation to keep the county government in check.

If the senate, with less demanding duties, completely overwhelmed him, what can we possibly expect for him to do as the Governor?

What occupied his time in the entire term were theatrics of the Sonko rescue team; acts that were meant to cover up for his overwhelming incompetence as a policymaker.

That a man who has boxed a metal gate in town while clearly looking intoxicated danced and lay on the streets in Nairobi while crushing alcohol bottles on the streets accosted by a legion of hooligans would dare dream of vying are stuff that makes up failed states. Ambition is free but that a section of Nairobians, a country that lays claims to religiosity and intellectual diversity would dare exalt such a man and even debate his chances is an insult to our collective intelligence and the blood that was shed by our forefathers to free this country.

It’s, in fact, shocking that a man who has wielded guns in public; not in any random place but in a mortuary, where families were mourning their loved ones simply because he is a ‘mheshimiwa’ doesn’t deserve to feature in the lips of Kenyans. That he wasn’t arrested and charged leaves a lot to be desired in the state of our justice system.

A man who referred to his competitor with an ‘albino’ slur with the intention to portray him as inferior yet albinism carries some stigma in Africa is someone who lacks the decorum to hold public office. While albinos are threatened, stigmatised and several of them killed and their parts sold on the black market for ritual purposes in different African countries, the honourable senator decided to ridicule them.

A leader who lacks self-control in his speech doesn’t deserve to hold public office. To abuse fellow leaders as cockroaches, shoga etc regardless of the difference of opinion isn’t fit to lead human beings.

While the debate rages on, remember that Hitler too was popular. He rose from a nobody and took over Germany. What happened in his hands is well written in the annals history.

When trump decided to vie, he was dismissed as a non-starter yet his popularity continued to soar against the backdrop of ‘he doesn’t have presidential temperament’ rhetoric. Well, in less than 200 days, he has done enough damage to the US that will take years to correct. Through his divisive brand of politics and lack of self-control, the US has seen an incredible rise of white supremacists groups while hostilities towards Muslims and some minority groups taking a new ugly turn.

We cannot sit back and wait for the time when we have president Sonko. He must be stopped now before he takes over power. Because if he wins Nairobi as the next governor (God forbid), trust me that his sights will be set on the highest seat in the land.

Because someone’s character can be seen when he is given the tools of power. If as a senator, we have seen unparallel levels of bravado and self-praise with little content, what will become of this city if he becomes Mr Governor?

Being a leader requires an ability to disagree with decorum. A leader should be tolerant of opposing views. A good leader must act as a figurehead, someone who unites different schools of thought into one. A leader’s words must be seasoned with salt and marinated in wisdom. A leader shouldn’t be intentionally illiterate while there are a plethora of information that lies around.

It doesn’t matter how popular Gidion Sonko is. It doesn’t matter all the theatrics that he exhibits to compensate for his incompetence. We must only judge him based on how he has executed his two roles as a member of parliament for Makadara and as the senator of Nairobi county.

Let us scrutinise the Hansard and find out how many times our honourable member contributed to legislative agenda of this country.

Let us close our eyes to his sensational and unsustainable ‘initiatives’ that resembles those done in narcos republics. This it the truth; these initiatives don’t really help the impoverished majority in Nairobi county; those he claims to have an undying love for.

Mbuvi Sonko must show us his ability to create sustainable solutions for the poor majority of Nairobi.

Dear Sonko, though you have continued to increase your popularity ratings through gimmicks, I will not keep quiet as my county gets sold to the highest bidder in the land of the incompetent. I will oppose you at every turn. I will expose your inanity. I will call out your buffoonery even if I’m the only one.

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