When the Westgate terror attack occurred where at least 69 people were butchered and more than 175 injured, Ole Lenku was at the helm of Interior ministry as the Cabinet Secretary.

The operation to flush out the terrorists who had taken the mall hostage for days was shambolic and disastrous. Trust me that even a baby who is fresh from the womb would have managed that situation much better than Lenku.

If Uhuru did not come to the rescue of Kenyans by firing the man with his clan of incompetence, maybe Kenya would have been turned to Libya. The series of blunders and mistakes that happened in the hands of Lenku almost crushed the Jubilee administration. It is during this time that Kenyans seriously started to doubt his competence.

First of all, it was a big oversight for the president to trust an hotelier who had no experience whatsoever in national security matters to such a key cabinet post. While the motive might have been to appease the Maa community, I believe that a different yet competent candidate from the same community would have worked just Like Gen. Nkaissery has been.

On the evening of 18 April 2013, when four armed men walked into the Kwa Chege Hotel in Garissa where at least six people were shot dead and ten others seriously wounded, Lenku was the CS.

On 16 May 2014, at Gikomba Market in Nairobi when twin explosions claimed the lives of more than ten people, Lenku was the CS.

On 16 June 2014 when the suspected Al-Shabab militants killed at least 48 people in Mpeketoni, Lenku was the CS. The attack, which was like a middle finger to the CS for his laziness saw around 50 heavily armed gunmen, driving into the town of Mpeketoni undetected and carried out the heinous act.

In late 2014 when two attacks allegedly carried out by Al-Shabaab killed 64 people in Mandera County, Lenku was the CS.

On 22 November 2014 when gunmen attacked a bus travelling from Mandera to Nairobi killing 28 people, mostly teachers and government workers, Lenku was the CS.

On 2 December 2014 when Al-Shabaab militants attacked and killed a further 36 quarry workers near Mandera town, Lenku was the CS.

I could go on and on. But one point is clear, there is not a single cabinet secretary or minister in the post-KANU days who has caused Kenyans so much pain, anger and frustrations like one Mr Ole Lenku. And to think that he won the Jubilee nomination ticket, which places him one step away from the Kajiado Governor’s seat in the August 8th elections is the epitome of pure undiluted arrogance. Actually, if it ever happens, that will be a tragedy of apocalyptic size.

It takes bold arrogance, for someone who has a dubious and failure coated CV to front himself as a possible candidate to lead people anywhere in this country. Of all the available positions, he went for the most sensitive docket (governor) that is in charge of over 600 thousand people.

Kajiado is a unique county that is very cosmopolitan yet deeply Maasai. Land issues, water scarcity, dwindling grazing land, poverty, a strong cultural heritage that is threatened, etc. requires a sober man with a proven track record of service delivery.

Though Lenku graduated from UON with a master’s degree & he is currently pursuing his PhD in the same university, academic excellence doesn’t guarantee success in other duties if one is woefully ineffective. It doesn’t matter how many degrees and PHDs one holds. It’s what you can do for your people based on your track record that should endear you to them.

What we know for sure is that during his short stint at the Interior ministry, many lives were lost. He has never apologised to Kenyans. Instead, he has declared that he succeeded. If that is not dancing on the grave of the victims of his incompetence then I don’t know what it is.

In a few ‘PR’ interviews that he has carried out with local TV stations in late 2016 and early 2017, he claims that he led many blue chip companies but not once does he mention the names of those companies for scrutiny. In fact, the credibility of those interviews is in doubt because their objectives seemed to have been more of cleansing Lenku than fact finding.

I am not a Kajido voter, but I am moved by the plight of the Maa people especially in that county. I have travelled through the county and I am a bit familiar with the challenges they face. I’ve interviewed community leaders concerning what is their urgent need. They deserve a sober, astute, visionary leader who can champion for their rights in a county that is slowly changing its face. I want to urge every voter in Kajiado to abandon party allegiance, and in unison reject Ole Lenku on the 8th of August 2017 to send a strong signal that failed leaders in the public service will not get any soft landing in politics.

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