Kenyans deserve to be conned. Yes, every single one of us, who have been conned so far especially in, political scams and get rich quick schemes however painful it is, deserves to be conned.

It’s an uncomfortable truth that no one has had the privilege to break to us. And if anybody did, the message didn’t find any friendly aboard in our minds. It swiftly left through one ear as soon as it came through the other.

How else would you explain a scenario where we invest in large scale agriculture, offer fertiliser subsidies yet we still import maize in a dubious manner?

Or how else would you explain a scenario where a company promises to give you a 2 bedroom house, valued at over 1.5 M shillings by simply depositing Sh10,000?

To make the deal absurd and scary, this company promises that you will own that home in March 2017 if you deposit that money before November 2016. Well, it takes a special kind of fool to be conned that way.

Any right thinking Kenyan can pick out several falsehoods from this deal. You don’t even need to consult a witchdoctor. Neither should you spoil your energy consulting an investment analyst. Because of this right here, represents the making of a grand scale thievery only witnessed in failed states.

Or have we forgotten the quail craze that hit Kenya somewhere in 2013? Have we forgotten the untold suffering that some Kenyans families went through when the pyramid scheme bubble burst?

Well, there is no hiding it anymore. Kenyans are a bunch of greedy people who have the sheep syndrome. We follow trends blindly that might not necessarily be sound. We are obsessed by land, the only measure with which some Kenyans would feel human.

Yes, even with a proper working lung, a mind free from any insanity, a body as fit as that of a fiddle yet the only thing that can redeem the feeling that you are human is by the size of land you own, nonsense!

While there are grand-scale thievery that has been happening in this country, do not be shocked if one of the next legislators will be a gynaecologist who was caught on camera allegedly raping his victim who was sedated. After all, hasn’t he been cleared to run for a certain parliamentary seat?

Do not be shocked when a man who boldly, on a vernacular radio, called a national leader the devil and said these words & I quote, “If you find Raila in heaven you should know you are not in heaven,” will be elected the Governor of a county in this Nation.

That a man, who has been accused of conning over 7000 poor people their hard earned money in the Ekeza Sacco saga would be cleared to vie for a political seat in this country.

A man, who has used the name of God in vain, to con the vulnerable in society without batting and eyelid including mama mbogas and no thorough investigations have been mounted against him will be on the ballot.

Is this the same man, who allegedly forged his certificates to enrol for a diploma in JKUAT but was later suspended when the University realised that his papers weren’t genuine yet he will be cleared to run?

I could go on and on. Including the current land and green house craze that has gripped Kenyans. While other progressive first world nations are investing in research and innovation, we, a third world country unashamedly released over 1B to miraa farmers supposedly to appease them so that they can re elect the a politician.

Who bewitched us? What kind of spell was cast against this country, that we have taken an oath to suspend the use of our medulla oblongata? Whatever goes on in this country is not normal. It takes a specific breed of stupidity to allow things that happen in this country to go unchecked.

Because the foundation of this country was established on looting from the vulnerable, the trend continues. People’s lands were taken away from them. When they came out of the forest after a ‘successful’ mau mau insurgency, they realised that what they were fighting for was going to be given out on ‘a willing seller willing buyer’ basis.

Kenyans must rise up and demand nothing but a country that is able to provide basic services at an affordable cost to every single one of us. Less than 10 percent of Kenyans can reasonably afford a mortgage yet houses are springing up left right and centre, who will buy them if not those who have questionable sources of income?

For Sh1500 in a 5-star hotel, you can eat 2 chicken cheeseburgers, 2 drinks of your choice and have pocket change for a bowl of salad in Johannesburg. Yet that is a country that is in the middle upper economy category.  Yet in this country, 1500 in a local joint is not enough to feed one person. If you want to know what is wrong with this country, look in the mirror.

We worship the crooked, those with reputations that smell worse than a skunk but we still worship kingdoms and dynasties. Its like in Kenya, the majority of us amputated brain which has no prosthetic whatsoever.

Kenyans coil their tail between their legs as they go back home because their spirits are always crushed by a myriad of challenges.

We should not sell any part of our lives to achieve anything. Not our soul, not our spirit, and certainly not our hard earned money. We must all choose a path that’s hard, a path laden with integrity and hard work. A path tiled with honesty and hard work. A path that is narrow and unpredictable but that leads to a place where our souls will be freed from the stranglehold of greed. Let’s us purge our hearts from greed

We have drunk from the cup of greed for too long yet our thirst is barely quenched. We have tear gassed children. We have robbed form the elderly. We have stolen from the vulnerable yet our thirst is still as great as possible. We have forsaken the fellowship of brotherhood and broken the bond of fellowship.

The time to repent in dust and ashes is now!

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