Mike Mbuvi Sonko is a frightened man. Like a headless chicken, our senator is running around looking for imaginary boogie men to blame for his faltering gubernatorial bid. He has sensed defeat coming from the horizon like the brimstones that annihilated the biblical Sodom and Gomorrah.

The problem is that it’s too late for him to run for cover.

It’s finally dawning on him that his most prized political possession – an unsustainable showbiz philanthropy house of cards- is crumbling faster than a melting cone of ice-cream. His tower of Babel, built with questionable sources of wealth is fast crumbling.

He thought that all it takes to be a serious contender in the Nairobi Gubernatorial race is to wear bling, adorn a hairstyle that competes with a bird, abuse people left right and centre without investing in a sustainable plan.

On the 8th of August, Nairobians will once again remind the Senator that this city, was founded on a strong moral foundation that rejects wolves that are dressed like sheep.

A while back at a public rally, he openly vowed that he will support Dr Evans Kidero should the latter join Jubilee. Well, it takes raw folly mixed with an insecure sense of bravado for someone who has sensed defeat to make such a declaration.

It is deplorable that a man who has wielded guns in public (not in any random place but in a mortuary), abused a presenter on air, called an opponent an albino with a derogatory intention etc hopes that Nairobians will knight him.

Let it be known that people of sober mind cannot and will not, even with a 10-foot pole touch or join an unholy alliance of a clueless man who is being escorted to the pit by men just like him.

Like a stubborn fly follows the corpse to the grave, the only man who has agreed to follow him is Mr Igathe. In fact, it still puzzles me how this was achieved. However, there is nothing to worry about. Like two blind men leading each other, their destiny – the pit of a soul crushing political loss – will soon come.

Siku ya nyani kufa, kila mti huteleza

The handlers of Mike Sonko woke up to the rude reality that his candidature was a coalition of hot air and a house built on a sinking sand. Throughout his short-lived yet toxic and embarrassing public life, he has tirelessly worked hard to earn a ‘skunk’s’ character that cannot be wiped off less than 20 days to the election.

Deputy governor strategy

The first plan was to get him a ‘corporate’ deputy governor who was to sanitise his character. Mr. Clueless was to be disinfected and his governorship’s bid credentials boosted through the collective years experience of his deputy who happens to be a powerless former ‘high-flying corporate mogul.’

The combination of Sonko and Igathe (God forbid) at the county government would be a calamity of apocalyptic magnitude. The former is a clueless man and the latter will be a powerless “yes- man” playing second fiddle to his clownish principal’s whims!!!!

Let me submit to the citizens of the great county of Nairobi, Igathe cannot cleanse a man who is alleged to have served time at Shimo La Tewa Maximum Prison for theft and fraud but who, under unclear circumstances, never finished serving his jail term.

No amount of suits can rescue him from his own self-destruction that is bound to come to a swift and scratching halt on the August of 8th. Unless a brain transplant is done, the character of the man is still intact.

What pains my heart in this deputy governor strategy is that Igathe will essentially have to surrender his leadership abilities at the feet of a man who boxed a metal gate in town while clearly looking intoxicated before going ahead to dance and lie on the streets in Nairobi accompanied by a legion of hooligans.

Personal Interests

Almost fifty per cent of Kenya’s national income and half of its labour force are found in Nairobi. Under these circumstances, personal interests could take precedence on the August 8th over those of the ordinary Nairobians. This leads to one major question that so far calls for crystal clear answers; whose interests will Sonko and Igathe be serving behind the scenes?

Should the grandmother of all disasters visit us in the form of a Sonko win, who is the real piper, masked as Sonko, who will be calling the tune?

Put to the task, he will probably give the politically correct answer and say his desire is to “serve Nairobians” but I doubt that Nairobians will be quick to buy such platitudes under the circumstances.

I’m however convinced beyond reasonable doubt that this strange partnership that reeks of deceit, incompetence and Singh’s touch will fail on 8th August.

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