“Hatuwezi kukubali ya kwamba Wakenya 45 million will go to vote and 4 people, without any provisions of the law, wanaweza keti chini na kubadilisha Kenya”

“We cannot accept a situation where 45 million Kenyans cast their votes and 4 people (i.e. judges of the Supreme Court), without any provisions of the law, reverse the will of the whole country (by nullifying the election) (Translated and paraphrased).

It stuns the soul to know that these words fell from the lips of a senator at a public campaign rally recently. The Honourable Kipchumba Murkomen to be specific, ladies and gentlemen!

That this remark is a gross misstatement of the facts is probably palpable to most people. I won’t even go into the fact that only 15 to 16 million (and not 45 million) people voted on August 8th. Taking the good senator to task over that would probably be trivial. I am happy to excuse Murkomen for this “slip of the tongue” but that’s about all the grace that can be extended to his unfortunate rant.

You see this was no ordinary rant. It was a rant laced with iniquitous intent. Murkomen, a trained lawyer, definitely knew that what he was saying was untrue but he silenced the voice of his conscience and vomited deception from his heart. He said it deliberately and with a pernicious, calculated end-goal in mind.  Kipchumba was comfortable that he would get away with such mischief on the day. He relied on a nefarious conviction that his audience was too dimwitted to discern his lies and the dark intent behind them. He knew that by demonizing a constitutional body, he could whip up the emotions of the people and he went for it.

While I am no mind reader, I am of the view that Murkomen could only have said this unfortunate statement for two reasons. First, to extract voter sympathy (a powerful electoral tool) for the ever-inebriated incumbent. The kind of sympathy that would light a fire for ballot box vengeance in the hearts of all supporters of the ruling party. Murkomen could have pontificated all day about the ruling party’s development record but in his mind that could simply not be trusted as a foolproof method for filling the vote-basket to bursting point come the date of the fresh election(26th October, 2017). Emotional lies, passionately delivered into the hearts of men, are far more effective at driving the blinded masses to polling stations at ungodly hours of the morning. It’s a sure shot way of driving the people to vote en masse and avenge “the wrongs” done to a “praying” president by a wicked Supreme Court!Murkomen knew it and so he was lured in by the delicious prospect of howling all that is untrue.

The second reason why I reckon Bwana Kipchumbabanished the truth into the outer realms was his desire to impress his on looking bosses by staging a zealous performance on the campaign trail. A desire to indelibly etch his name into the list of the ruling party’s most favoured sons. Boy oh boy, it was a performance for the ages! The lights were on, the cameras were rolling and Jubilee’s overlords watched closely with smiles on their faces waiting for Kipchumba to dazzle them. It was show time! Kipchumba simply had to impress. To hell with the tenets of constitutionalism that he learnt at the School of Law!! To hell with the Supreme Court and its hallowed image as a cathedral of justice!! To hell with the truth!! His opportunity to burrow himself deep in his masters’ hearts had come and by no means would he allow it to slip through his fingers. He simply had to seize the opportunity to prove himself as a trusted servant who could be relied upon to do his masters’ bidding. So Kipchumba reached deep into his soul and pulled out the grand mother of all lies. With his heart firmly fixed on endearing himself to Jubilee’s principals, Kipchumba put the truth to death at the altar of political expediency. He whipped out the blade of deceit and slashed the judiciary’s image to ribbons for the sake of political mileage. Based on the rapturous response of approval which he received from the on looking crowd, I suspect that Murkomen’s sycophancy may have impressed his masters.

The truth is that the Supreme Court did not go out on a mental frolic of its own in deciding to nullify the presidential election. It simply could not have ignored the law even if it wanted to as it is obligated to provide a full reasoned judgment based on the law and it did. Most Kenyans, I believe are well aware of this by now. It is dishonest to allege that the court paid no mind to the law and the voluminous pleadings presented before it and merely pulled an arbitrary decision out its rear end. It is disingenuous and irresponsible to allege that the judges of the Supreme Court nullified the will of the people. It is unpatriotic to lower the people’s opinion of a constitutional body by deceit (or any other means for that matter) so as to secure one’s political and personal ends. The Supreme Court did not silence the people. It actually gave effect to the people’s desire for proper constitutional elections. What was nullified (and rightly so) was the IEBC’s butchering of a process which the Constitution graciously avails as an avenue for the people to make their voices heard!

I have nothing personal against Murkomen or Jubilee. Believe me, I really don’t. I would call out anything that I reasonably perceive to be wrong regardless of what side of the political divide it rises from. What I do have a colossal problem with however is the peddling of lies and whipping up the people’s emotions (rather than their sense of reason) all for political gain. I am sorry. I have no respect for that.

I love this nation…from the cold slopes of Mount Kenya to the shimmering waters of Lake Victoria…from the arid North to the coastal South and every kilometre in between. I love its people…all 45 or so million of them regardless of their political, religious or other inclination. I love our ethnic wealth and diversity. This love leads me to believe that we deserve leaders who respect us enough not to twist the truth so as to whip up our emotions.Speak the truth for goodness sake or stand aside and allow it to appoint others who are honest and willing to voice it out!

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